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Embassy Travel (Pty) Ltd

“Dear Karl.  I hope that this email finds you well.  I have spoken to Robin, and he thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Candida Schörger, HR Manager


“ Hi Karl, On behalf of Sasko Pasta management we would like to thank you for making the time on such short notice and cost to come and share your expertise, wisdom and experience. Regards.” Emelda Mosime, General Manager:


“Practical information which can be used immediately. Karl understands the topic very well, Good presenter.” Awie de Swart, Executive - S


“Hi Karl, I have to email you today to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk this morning. You thoroughly captured my attention and it was extremely interesting… ” Alison Louw, Development Manager -


“If there is a guru in networking, then it is Karl Smith. A wonderful man with a huge heart and a great talent for connecting people as well. Karl is the ONLY man to consider.” Wolfgang Riebe, CSP - MIND SHIFT GURU,


“I will definitely not keep you a secret…have a team of 12 financial advisors, I will enforce these lessons to the rest of my team.” OLD MUTUAL TEAM MANAGER


“This is an excellent course – everyone should be on it!” “Found the course to be very insightful and interesting – highly recommend for other stakeholders + business partners to attend” “I will definitely use what I have done today in my business & personal networking. Thank you f...


“Hello Karl, I want to congratulate you on a sterling (networking) presentation this morning. It was refreshing, practical in nature and getting to the core of the subject matter.” Jannie Rossouw - HEAD: SANLAM BUSINESS MARKET

The Bubblingwell Health Centre

"Many thanks for your wonderful help ! I feel like a have direction and many things to get on with. Of course I shall not keep you a Secret.” Carolyn Flecther ~ Founder of The Bubblingwell

Marijke Frijters

Performance Plus CC "In training Karl really knows to inspire his audience with his clear concept on networking…” Marijke Frijters

Thelma Stemmer

SAWEN Conference- DTI “…the best networking seminar, I have ever attended” Thelma Stemmer: Kwindla Industries

Horwath Zeller Karro CA

“Information presented well. The course is useful and definitely worth it! I take something away…” Lizelle van Niekerk- Trainee Accountant

Patricia Madden Attorneys

Patricia Madden Attorneys “Dear Karl, Thank you for a wonderful, lively and informative session. I will certainly pass word of the experience to all who incline towards hearing about it..., and those who don't” Patricia Madden

Cape Law Society AGM/Conference

Cape Law Society AGM/Conference “Hallo Karl, Thank you for what I learned on the last day of our AGM… it was worthwhile…” Alta Bouwer- C.J.Bouwer Prokureurs: Graaff-Reinet

Western Cape Education Dept FET College

Western Cape Education Department FET College “Hot! The skills learnt over the past two days are relevant and it can be implemented immediately. Networking for me will take on a new dimension now. I will work the room with more confidence.”

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Welcome To Business Networking South Africa
About - About Us

In the 21st Century, everyone has to be wealthy in 'Relationship Capital', a rich body of associates and contacts that you can bring to bear on any problem.

Karl Smith & Associates work throughout Africa with financial professionals including  FINANCIAL PLANNERS, FINANCIAL ADVISORS, ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS, INVESTMENT BANKERS as well other service professionals such as ESTATE AGENTS, ATTORNEYS, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS and  SENIOR EXECUTIVES like you – great at what you do BUT wanting to ‘stand out’ more and sell yourself, your ideas and your services much better!

All of Karl’s work is dedicated to helping you become powerfully CONNECTED, extremely VALUABLE, authentically INFLUENCIAL and highly VISIBLE with all the right people.

His books, training and speeches will make you the compelling ‘go to’ choice and influential ‘player’ in your space.  When you work with Karl and associates, you’ll get magic words and killer scripts, cutting-edge fast-track networking, personal branding, referral, strategies, brilliant communication secrets and powerful profile raising techniques so you…

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JSpeak Your Business in 30 Seconds! PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Business Networking
Written by Karl Smith   
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00


As I sit here in a rainy Cape Town, South Africa’s tourism hub a few blocks from the hotel where I will train business owners in the tourism industry later this week and ponder the fact that Cape Town Tourism received amazing feedback from similar workshops conducted for them  two years ago, I think about how many of them have struggled with their VERBAL BUSINESS CARDS - the response to the question “What do you do?”

"Hello, nice to meet you. What do you do?" I've just met you. In these first eight seconds, I've looked you over and decided your age, your income, your success level, your background and your heritage. It’s called FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

: 7 Tips to Create a Powerful Impact, Presence and Influence PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Personal Branding
Written by Karl Smith   
Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

The impressions we make on others can have a major impact on networking, our personal brand, building our own business, working with others and our earning capacity.

So give yourself an edge and take this opportunity to reflect on how you can enhance your presence, impact and influence to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

The Sad Truth About Marketing and Building Your Personal Brand PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Personal Branding
Written by Karl Smith   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:00

It saddens me when I see people take their money to start a business and then launch into it with expensive websites, promotional material, cocktail functions and so forth.

Why? During the past four years alone, I have seen many dreams shattered.

Here’s the sad truth about marketing just about anything, whether it’s a product or a service, whether it’s marketed to consumers, clients or to companies:

Most people can’t buy your product or service.

Either they don’t have the money, they don’t have the time so they are not in a hurry, they don’t want it or they simply don’t trust you or your offerings yet. If an audience doesn’t have the money to buy what you’re selling at the price you need to sell it for or they don’t trust you, you don’t have a market.

If an audience doesn’t have the time to listen to and understand your pitch, you’ll be treated as if you were invisible. And if an audience takes the time to hear your pitch but decides they don’t need or want it . . . well, you’re not going to get very far.

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Business Networking South Africa is a specialist speaking, training, coaching and consulting company that pioneered the initiative to teach authentic networking, trust, referrals, winning personal brands and personal excellence.

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The Business South Africa Solution™. A comprehensive approach to networking and business relationship building training that won't break the bank but will produce results. There will be no doubt how to use what is learned.

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With the amount of time we all spend using social networking and social media, it’s natural to try to save some time and make life easier on yourself Here is a list for just that purpose —that can help you do more with social media in less time..

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Only a change in your behaviour and taking action will have a lasting impact on the results you seek.  As such, we created this section of extensive resources for you to seek, learn, explore and in the process, hopefully spark an idea for a discussion.  So, here is to building a relationship on us… 

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