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Your Body Language Counts ... Do You Know What It's Saying? PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Business Networking
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15:31

Gut feeling, intuition, hunches. Whatever we call it, we all have feelings about people we meet. Part of the information we’re taking in that leads to such conclusions is body language. Whether we realize it or not, we both read and speak it. Why is communication through body language and appropriate language crucial to networking success?

Most people take quick note of someone that has an attitude. What does that mean? They look belligerent, like know-it–alls, and their ego hangs out like a sore thumb. This is not the person you generally want to build relationships or do business with. That goes for language as well: you do not want to hang with someone that is negative, always plays the victim, always dominates conservations, always wants to be right and always is whining about one thing or another.

Networking at conferences, seminars and tradeshows – an enviable managerial skill set PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Business Networking
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15:27

Networking is something that all successful leaders, professionals and business people need to be skilled at if they are to proactively create and nurture relationships to help their organisations to uncover the best opportunities.  

According to Meetings & Conventions magazine, more than 27 million people attend conferences, trade shows, and conventions each year. And the main reason they go is to network. It’s no surprise then that in their brochures and on their websites, conference organisers take great pains to stress the fantastic networking opportunities the event provides.

Networking successfully at a big event like a conference, seminar or trade show comes down to taking charge of your own experience by developing a cohesive plan, leveraging all available resources, and using your time wisely. If you’ve been to these types of business events, no doubt you’ll have encountered numerous people who have been able to “work a room”.

SA’s business networking expert gives a business networking forecast for 2010 … Get Connected 2010! PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Business Networking
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 13:56

2010 is here (and many are glad that 2009 is over!), and it’s time to focus on the future.  Has 2009 been the year networking has grown up in South Africa? There certainly seem to have been more changes in the last 24 months than any comparable period in the last decade.

Before, very few businesses were aware of networking as a formal way of developing a business or to build in-company or stakeholder relationships. Chambers of Commerce and the AHI ran popular events; meanwhile, Business Network International (BNI), the world’s largest networking organisation was well established in this country, encouraging people to be aware of the virtues of getting out of bed before 7am to do business.

Beyond Chambers of Commerce events, the AHI and a few independent groups, networking had a very low profile. During recent years the cocktail function image of networking has devalued its effectiveness to schmoozing. Today we are operating in The Network Economy and it will underpin the global business environment for years to come.

Overcome Shyness and Build the Relationships that Will Make You Successful PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Business Networking
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 13:50

Shyness can be great liability in building business connections, careers and your circle of influence says karl smith, business networking and referral coach. It is through networking that we find advice on personal and business challenges, learn of job opportunities, and develop new business.

Whether it be shyness, introversion, or a lack of confidence in what to say, networking can be painful because successful networking entails attending social functions, meeting new people, building trust and staying visible through self-promotion.

Many shy people thrive in the business world because it provides them with a "role" to play that legitimises the things they do.  As long as they are acting "on behalf" of the company or in the best interests of someone else, they find the strength to do great things.  But ask them to step outside that role?  They melt, if not dissolve, as their self- confidence crumbles.

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