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Rapport – The Key to Building Trust PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Building Trust
Written by Karl Smith   
Saturday, 23 July 2011 08:06
In a global economy that is becoming increasingly disconnected, the way in which you interact with others has a major bearing on your success. Consequently, your ability to build a good rapport with the other person is a prerequisite for effective communication, whether in our personal lives, in our professional lives ... anywhere and with anyone.

Whether you want to network, influence, manage or lead people, connect rapidly with a wide range of people, communicate magically, build solid professional and personal relationships, help others improve performance and increase success, handle conflict, increase sales, get a promotion, talk your way into things or out of things, the ability to build rapport is vital.  

Without it, you are unlikely to achieve willing agreement to what you want. People who have excellent rapport with others create harmonious relationships based on trust and understanding of mutual needs.

When people are communicating in rapport they find it easy to be understood and they believe their concerns are highly regarded by the other person. We all have different maps of reality – ways in which we perceive the world – and "we can only really trust people who look at the world the way we do. If we feel understood, we give people our trust and open up to them more easily”.

With rapport comes influence.  And with influence (when used with integrity) comes great success.  To influence you have to be able to appreciate and understand the other person's standpoint.

And these work both ways: I cannot influence you without being open to influence myself. So rapport is an extremely important thing to cultivate with the people you’re working with, partnering with, or selling products/services to. There are times when you meet someone, instantly like them, and say to yourself, "We're a lot alike". We have all felt this, but do you know how to actually create it?

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