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How To Develop A Personal Brand Vision Statement PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Personal Branding
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 23 January 2012 00:00

Everyone has a personal brand but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strategically, consistently and effectively.

It is the positioning strategy behind the world's most successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kimora Lee Simons, Richard Branson and Bill Gates. It's therefore important to be your own brand and to become the CEO of your life.

Most traditional personal branding concepts focus mainly on personal marketing, image building, selling, packaging, outward appearances, promoting yourself, and becoming famous, which can turn into an ego trip and let you be perceived as egocentric and selfish. They define personal branding from a personal marketing (selling) point of view. Personal branding is more than just marketing and promoting yourself.

So what is a personal brand? It is that word, or phrase, that comes to mind when people think of you. Perhaps your personal brand is "whiner". Perhaps, on the other hand, it's, "the person who gets things done around here". Your brand is not what you say you are. You can't become "the person who gets things done around here" simply by saying so. It's your consistent behaviour that builds your brand. You have to consistently "get things done around here" to earn that brand. Once you are consistently delivering on your brand promise, then you can say so. But delivery comes before boasting.

Your personal brand should always reflect your true character, and should be built on your values, strengths, uniqueness and genius. If you are branded in this authentic and holistic way your personal brand will be strong, clear, complete and valuable to others. You will also create a life that is fulfilling and you will automatically attract the people and opportunities that are a perfect fit for you.

Your vision statement is the first step towards building an effective personal brand and a successful life. Vision gives you direction and confidence, and will guide decision making and the allocation of resources, time and effort.

Here are some guidelines to help you craft your vision statement.

  • It is not afraid to think big. While your vision should be realistic and obtainable, it should also be something that you can grow into.
  • It can generate profits. Personal branding is treating yourself as the CEO of Me, Inc. Therefore, your vision should also be able to generate income/revenue.
  • It is externally focused on fulfilling a need in the world. Your vision should solve a problem that you see in the world, especially as it pertains to your audience.
  • It is simple. Stay away from buzz words or extra fluff. It should be easy to communicate and remember.
  • It serves as a guide. Your vision is a compass for what you want to achieve in the future; however, it should also be flexible and grow with you as your brand develops.
  • It is inspirational. Above all, your vision statement should excite and motivate you.

I've been reviewing my personal brand vision statement for some time and I thought I would share it to give you a feel for what a personal brand statement might look like:

I am internationally recognized as a business relationship building and a personal brand expert helping entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and leaders to build solid networks and trust, resulting in recognition as the go-to person, sustainable influence in their organisations, and reduction of costs to find clients by getting more referrals.

What do you think?  Does this sound unique enough, or like 1000 other public speakers, coaches or consultants?  Does it sound like motherhood and apple pie (both of which are good things, by the way), or does it sound real? Is it something that I can grow into? Do you see my audiences? Can you tell what I would do for you if you were to hire me?  Can you tell how I would get those results?

Remember: vision without action is hallucination and a personal brand without continuous improvement of yourself is merely cosmetic and will not lead to the sustainable development of your potential.

This article may be copied or republished with the following credit:

"By Karl Smith: speaker, author and founder of Business Networking South Africa" Cape Town, South Africa. +27 (0) 71 444 2210 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it"


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