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Are you trapped in a cycle, both at work and at home, which is keeping you stuck at a certain level of achievement?

Through personal excellence, personal change and emotional intelligence training you have the ability to transform yourself and create anything you desire.

In these sessions, Karl shares “the missing link in business training” with you.  In the workplace, personal excellence training can help employees overcome issues with co-workers, the demands of multitasking and the pressures to meet deadlines.

But the idea is also to help tap any hidden potential in workers by making them more aware of their own talents, strengths and skills. In networking and sales, this training helps you to master the emotional barriers because people buy people … they buy you before the buy your product, service or idea. Learn more about the personal execellence  programmes.

Change: Adapt or Die

Change is constant and today occurs quicker and more frequently than ever before. With this in mind the importance of harnessing the power of change to create opportunities for growth and development cannot be ignored.

This training session aims to equip each individual with knowledge of how to cope with personal change and minimize the negative reactions to it – with a view to encouraging staff to become effective agents of positive change. The session can be tailored to meet the requirements of the audience and is therefore suitable for all staff members who are keen to understand the importance and benefits of effectively managing personal change. Book Karl to speak at your next conference

Fly With The Eagles: Repositioning Yourself For Personal Excellence

The world has changed dramatically over the last decade. We face challenges in our personal and professional lives, and in our organisations unimagined one or even two decades ago.  Some people possess an invisible quality to build better teams, win more respect, and achieve better results. This alluring and invisible trait is not inherited as much as it is honed. It’s a captivating spirit that can be taught and caught.

This personal development presentation inspires participants to strive for personal excellence and self-mastery in their jobs, professions, studies and personal lives. Touching on every aspect of our lives, Fly With The Eagles offers practical and inspiring principles to get any aspiring person from where they are to where they want to be.

Whilst not actually guaranteeing success, abiding by the principles of success will increase your chances of reaching any and all of the goals that you set for yourself and to rise above mediocrity. Book Karl to speak at your next conference

Are You In The Right Queue? Put Your EQ to Work!

Research indicates that Emotional Intelligence (or Emotional Quotient) accounts for 85% of what separates star performers from average ones. Do you want to accelerate your success and stand out from your peers? Do you want to get better at inspiring and influencing others? Do you want to increase your sales and work performance?

Discover the impact of your EQ at work and on sales, learn to handle difficult conversations, understand your emotions as they happen, learn to communicate with diplomacy, tact, and credibility, strengthen your networking relationships, increase your resilience and so much more.

In this high-impact and pragmatic session, Karl Smith inspires his audiences to hone the single most valuable set of business and personal skills they can develop.


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Only a change in your behaviour and taking action will have a lasting impact on the results you seek.  As such, we created this section of extensive resources for you to seek, learn, explore and in the process, hopefully spark an idea for a discussion.  So, here is to building a relationship on us… 

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